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Tissue Box Holder

A device to neatly and hygienically attach tissues to the Techsurg Universal Strap or Wall Mounts.

  • Tissues are loaded into the top opening of the Tissue Box Holder and removed using the ejection port underneath
  • The casing is a smooth, antibacterial surface
  • The sleek white gloss design allows the tissue box to blend into medical settings
  • Eliminates the need for a nurse / assistant to pass tissues
  • Removes tissues from the aerosol zone.

Tablet Holder

A holder with rubber grips and a ratchet mechanism which securely holds tablets in a landscape or portrait orientation.

  • Fits any tablet up to a maximum size of 227mm in length
  • Simply push the release button to remove
  • Offers a heads-up view for patients to see clinical data, radiographs and entertainment during lengthy treatments
  • Can be slotted into the Techsurg Universal Strap Mount to offer an effective viewing position in any clinical or non-clinical setting. Can also be placed in the Universal Wall Mount when not in use.


universal mounts



Universal Strap Mount

A flexible strap which holds any product from the Techsurg range and can be attached to upright or horizontal structures.

  • Retrofit to any circumference between 40-70mm
  • The bayonette fitting allows any product from the Techsurg range to be easily attached and removed
  • Innovative fins within the strap provide a non-marking, secure fit to safely attach your Tablet or Tissue Box Holder
  • The strap can be decontaminated in a washer disinfector.



Universal Wall Mount

A sleek design wall mount which fits discretely onto any wall or flat surface in a clinical or non-clinical setting.

  • To which both the Techsurg Tablet or Tissue Box Holders can be attached.

Mirror Holder



All Techsurg products are CE marked.